Rick Simpson Oil Caregivers For Life

Rick Simpson Oil Caregivers For Life


The high content THC has helped many patients treat cancer, seizures, asthma, PTSD, etc.

This is a staple item that will remain in our store because we've had nothing but good feedback and results from using RSO.

There are 510 mg of THC in this syringe.

Each serving is 127.5 mg of THC and the entire syringe is testing at 76% THC


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This full spectrum oil is a product that BestMeds and many of our patients swear by. After hearing about the results from using RSO our store immediately acted on the opportunity to carry this product, and we will continue to stock it because of how beneficial it is. The high potency THC has many of our patients describing a sense of relaxation that allows their body to heal.
We swear by RSO and aim to educate each patient who comes in about the medical benefits this product offers.

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