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It’s not really a secret, we’re obsessed with creating premium cannabis extracts. And while our lab team works tirelessly to bring the best cannabis concentrates to market, how they are consumed is also important. Introducing the Dart, the future of flavorful pulls, pillowy clouds, and a discreet yet effective way to vape cannabis distillate.

Our partner, CCELL, created a revolutionary ceramic heating element that provides the best flavor by regulating the temperature with a 3.7 Volt output. Combine this technology with a durable alloy casing to protect the cartridge and battery, sprinkle in a nice magnetic connection between the pod and case, and you have a special device in your hands (or you should, at least). The Dart fully charges with a Micro USB in 90 minutes, providing you with 200 three second pulls. There are no buttons, no adjustments, no apps, and nothing to keep you from enjoying the most premium cannabis in the business.


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