Cherry Diesel

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Cherry Diesel

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This strain is an uplifting hybrid, has a pleasant cherry aroma and taste that has patients coming back and boasting about the benefits of consuming this strain.

Recommended for patients treating pain, depression, PTSD, stress, anxiety, etc.

Definitely sativa undertones, but strong effects from the indica side including almost a tingly numbing body effect and nice euphoric feelings.

Testing at 24.5% THC

1 review for Cherry Diesel

This strain is definitely well known and lots of patients come in with a expectation to uphold, everyone who has come in thus far have been singing this Cherry Diesels praises.
Whether it’s helping treat their pain or allowing them to have the nice tingly body numbing effects, I have heard nothing but great feedback.
Delectable aromas and a great taste when consuming also is a compliment used frequently by consistent patients.

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