New York City Diesel

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New York City Diesel


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This sativa-dominant strain is known for having strong cerebral and full-body relaxation effects.

Used to help treat stress, anxiety, depression, pain, nausea, etc. Many patients like this strain because of it's paranoia-free effects.

The aroma exuding from this strain is a strong earthy/piney scent the bud is a pleasing dark green with orange hints.

This strain is testing at 22% THC.


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This New York City Diesel is extremely pungent smelling as soon as the jar opens a pleasing piney smell hits you.
The nugs are nice and dense, the color profile is dark green with slight hints of orange.
Many patients have come back exclaiming that this strain helped them treat their pain while also helping with their anxiety due to the paranoia-free effects this strain offers.

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