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Godberry is a potent indica-dominant hybrid strain, has strong indica effects including body numbing.

Recommended for patients trying to treat pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression, stress, etc.

Have had great feedback from customers that this is an excellent strain and its very effective.

Stupendous aromas of cookies and spices.

Testing at 23% THC


1 review for GBerry

This GBerry has an earthy yet floral aroma that is extremely engulfing. After each patient smells our GBerry it’s an instant approval, after consuming I’ve heard nothing but great feedback.
Sticky to the touch and has an appealing orange and dark green look to the bud.
Has subtle sativa effects including some energy and giggly aftermath.
Once it hits the indica dominance is apparent, but I have yet to be completely couch locked from this strain.

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